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Refurbishment Process

Coffee Machine Emporium is home to a team of creative professionals who understand the value of going that extra mile.   
Those extra miles are evident in our work and we’re proud of it too. 
Our service department is where most of the action happens. 

rebuild or repair

From teardowns and rebuilds to fault diagnosis and repair, our coffee technicians would easily rival some of the best surgeons in medical history! 

For our refurbished products, we inspect, repair, descale and service every part of your machine.  

efficient and effective

Our refurbishment process, although reasonably complex and labour intensive, is a method we have mastered to ensure we can efficiently provide you, our customers, with a used product that looks and functions as it did when new. 

custom finishes

The icing on the cake comes from our ability to provide custom accessories and custom powder coated or painted finishes. 

To ensure the finest quality, our paint finishes are completed by an auto body paint shop to ensure the most durable and flawless results possible. 

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